Amy decided to experment between the two main blogging and  So she set up a similar blog under the same name of The Quarter Horse Mile at  The posts will be similar, but not the same.  Check it out at

   She also set up four more blogs at blogger, mostly because blogger lets her use adsense.  Religion is a hot topic lately.  A recent report discovered that more Americans do not claim a religion.  Amy posts on The Decline of Religion at another of her blogs called Religion and Curiosity located at

  Next, she writes on the wonders of Spring Babies (of the animal-kind) at Animals Across America found at   

  She briefly enjoys the wonders of Reining and the possible rise to the Olympic stage at Eternally Horses ( ).  

    Finally, at Horses International, she discusses the how eventing Eventing came to be apart of the Olympics.  ( )