Amy mentioned in an earlier post that she planned on having two new plr packages out on Friday.   One of them will be delayed until Monday.  However she is pleased to announce that the Private Label Rights package called Before, During, and After Buying a Dog.  The package contains five articles and will be sold at $14.95. Below is the title page.

Before, During, and After Buying a Dog



1.   Choosing a Dog


2.   Where to Get a Dog:  Shelters (447 words)


3.   Where to Get a Dog: Rescues


4.   Where to Get a Dog: Pet Shops


5.   The Dog’s Home: Taking Care of it



If you like this Private Label Right Content, feel free to stop by to purchase more.  Amy also has color photographs for sale much like the one above.


*Please note that this Private Label Rights Content cannot be sold or given away.