Amy The Writer

    Once a upon a time, a teacher impressed upon her young students a love of reading. For one young girl, after she devoured too many books, decided to try her hand at writing. She'd spend many hours typing away at the computer or immersed in the pages of a book.  As she grew older and pondered life after public school, she decided to enter her local college for a degree in teaching.  After all, she owed her love of reading to a single teacher.  Why not give others the same joy?  Two years of study later, the young woman decided that teaching did not suit her temperment.  She graduated from the university with a B.A. in English.  Her indecision did not stop there.  No one makes a living writing her elders told her.  So, she wandered away from that path for a bit, before deciding everyone should love what they do and that, by golly, included her.  After a bit of procrasinating , she discovered that writers made a fairly decent living.  So, she resigned from her job and picked up her pen...ahem...keyboard and never looked back.

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