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Before, During, and After Buying a Dog

$ 14.95 USD

This private label rights package contains 5 articles, centering on the basic knowledge of getting a dog and caring for him or her. It is currently in American English however on request I will produce it in UK English.  I will only sell a combined 99 packages.  So get them early. The titles of the five articles: 

    • Choosing a Dog
    • Where to Get a Dog: Shelters
    • Where to Get a Dog: Rescues
    • Where to Get a Dog: Pet Shops
    • The Dog’s Home: Taking Care of it

A brief excerpt from Where to Get a Dog: Pet Shops:

    Rescues swoop in on a shelter and pull out the inmates on death row, extending the life of a dog.  They typically have a no-kill policy and run by the average Jane or Joe.  Rescues exist by sheer determination and the strength of their leadership.  Financially, they depend on donations and fundraisers.  Some specialize in dogs or cats, but many save both.   Rescues usually have no formal adoption center.  Instead, they use a foster care system made up of volunteers.  Volunteers are the backbone of rescues, because as mentioned rescues survive financially with donations. 

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