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March 31, 2009
  I'm pausing my quest to provide plr content. Too many things have my attention right now. 

  I still provide other writing services, so contact me for a quote. My rule of thumb for articles rests currently at $15 dollars a 400-word article.  Easiest way to contact me is always email.  I respond quickly during work hours.  I'm also trying out Yahoo messenger (amygouger). 

Have a great week!

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March 31, 2009

  In late March, I began providing content for You can check out my latest work there.
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Come one, come all

March 13, 2009
  The Private Label Rights package called Before, During, and After buying a Dog is available under the Private Label Rights header.  The process uses paypal.  Once the payment clears the package will be sent via email. So if your paypal email is different then the the email where you want me to send the content, drop me a line at after purchasing.

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Promised Packages

March 12, 2009

    Amy mentioned in an earlier post that she planned on having two new plr packages out on Friday.   One of them will be delayed until Monday.  However she is pleased to announce that the Private Label Rights package called Before, During, and After Buying a Dog.  The package contains five articles and will be sold at $14.95. Below is the title page.

Before, During, and After Buying a Dog



1.   Choosing a Dog


2.   Where to Get a Dog:  Shelters (447 words)


3.   Where to Get ...

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Private Label Rights and Pictures

March 10, 2009
   For those interested, two private Label Right packages will be available for purchase starting Friday, March 15th, 2009.  Only 99 packages will be sold at the great price of 14.95.   

  For those of you following my blogs, all of those pictures were taken by me.  I have put several of the images for sale at several stock companies.  When I've finished uploading them, I'll let you know which ones.   

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Last Seen At...March 9, 10 2009

March 10, 2009
   Amy decided to experment between the two main blogging and  So she set up a similar blog under the same name of The Quarter Horse Mile at  The posts will be similar, but not the same.  Check it out at

   She also set up four more blogs at blogger, mostly because blogger lets her use adsense.  Religion is a hot topic lately.  A recent report discovered that more Americans do not claim a religion.  Am...
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Last Seen At.....Quarter Horse Mile

March 5, 2009
   Amy has always had a passion for horses.  So she started a wordpress blog called Quarter Horse Mile.  Go ahead and check it out at  On it she'll address Quarter horses, various related subjects, and post a picture or two of her horses.  Hopefully, Quarter horse lovers will flock to it in droves.

So you like Amy's writing, check back periodically to see where she's written.

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